Cinnamon & Peach Rose Flower Petals


Petal Details:
– Item #: FD-Petals-38
 – Petals: 100 per bag
 – Minimum: 1 
 – Size:  2 inches
 – Material: Silk 
 – Color: Cinnamon & Peach 
 – More Colored Flower Petals available.



Cinnamon & Peach Rose Flower Petals
These Cinnamon & Peach Rose Flower Petals will add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding day. Fill your flower basket with these rose petals and have your flower girl toss them as she walks down the aisle.  
For a decorative touch, just sprinkle them along your aisle runner before the ceremony. These rose petals also look beautiful when sprinkled across your reception tables or added to your table centerpieces.  
Suggested Petal Uses:
 – Have your flower girl toss petals from a flower basket: [100- 200 petals = 2 bags]
 – Cover or create a design on your aisle runner: (400-500 petals = 4-5 bags)
 – Use petals to decorate reception tables adding a pop of color: [50 -100 petals = 1 bag]
 – Instead of throwing rice, ask guests to toss petals: [10-20 petal per guest]


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