Grace Wedding Money Bag


Money Bag Details:
Item #: 38MT
– Colors: Available in white or ivory 
– Dimensions: 10″ x 12″ 
– Uses: Collect cards then hold wedding keepsakes. 
– Features: decorative layered bows and a crystal cross
– Alternative: Wedding Card Box (sold separately)
* Select White or Ivory 



Grace Wedding Money Bag
The Grace Wedding Money Bag is the perfect place to keep the money safe and secure until the reception ends. This bridal money bag is embellished with decorative layered bows and a sparkling crystal cross. Use it to store all those special mementos after the wedding.
Popular Money Bag Uses:
– Collect cards as your greet your guests
– Collect dollars during the money dance
– Doubles as a purse to hold your belongings.


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