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We are so happy to start this journey with you.

The appointment will last an hour and a half; please arrive on time.

To ensure you receive the best experience all appointments are private. Your appointment will begin with Madelange Laroche herself.

For this appointment, you can bring any inspiration for gowns or any details you love and would love to have in your custom piece.

Madelange and our team will work with you to create the perfect one-of-a-kind dress that will fit your unique shape and style; from fabric selection down to the smallest detail. We will even sketch your dream dress/garment on the spot!

Our Madelange Laroche Custom Gowns begin at $4,500.

This price may increase or even decrease depending on the fabric chosen, lace addition, and/or small details such as hand beading/applique, or sparkle!

Our no-bridal custom garments begin at $2,800.
(Price can change depending on the details of the garment)

Simpler Reception Style dresses/Prom Gowns begin at $1,500
(Price can change depending on the details of the garment)

Your non-refundable consultation fee will be applied to your dress balance should you choose to move forward with an ML Custom Piece for your special day.

ML Custom Garments can take 8 to 12 months from start to finish depending on the design of the garment and its unique elements. We can however honor shorter amounts of time with a 10% rush fee, depending on the garment.

Madelange Laroche

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